tisdag 8 augusti 2006

The Settler

Moved all my stuff to Örebro. Finishing my Master Thesis programming in my mom's dining room. Despite the temporary solution of residence, it feels really good to be back in Örebro.
Alot of my old friends still live here, the sun is shining and life is at the moment very decent indeed.
My biggest problem at the moment is really the lack of a good Internet connection here at home. ADSL has been ordered though, and if i'm in luck it might be installed in less than two weeks. The opposit; that I'm not in luck, would accorindg to http://www.tdc.se keep me waiting for faster Internet for up to another 4 weeks. Let's decide I'm in luck shall we.

Time to get back to C# and the joys of .NET development.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

hurra! nu får man kommentera. (:

Unknown sa...

Jag är inte så ond som man tror

Anonym sa...

jo det äru