torsdag 24 augusti 2006

A Day Complete

It started out as a really boring day (you know, boring stuff), but it ended way over expectations.

Me and cosis decided to have a bite to eat and go for a nightly walk. I suggested we take a cup of coffee at Studentkåren, as I did earlier this week. This time, despite the fact that we got very wet from all the rain falling on our heads, it was open!
In our excitement, we failed to order coffee and found ourselves seated with some beer in the pub getting acquainted with our surroundings. It makes me happy to see that there is some sort of activity at the University here, my general opinion so far has been that it is a quite bad place to perform ones studies. It feels good to be wrong.

One another topic, I'm thinking about starting to write these blog entries in Swedish. If I have any international readers who would object, please leave a comment ;)

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