tisdag 29 augusti 2006

Macroblog yo

Har väl egentligen tusentals saker att avhandla, men jag orkar inte skriva så värst mycket just nu.
Testar att lägga upp en gammal macrobild från 2004 och ser om det går bra, så får jag återkomma med mina livsfilosofiska observationer och vardagliga blaj lite senare.


lördag 26 augusti 2006

Transition to Svenska

Jag skiter i den här pretentiösa utländska taken på min blog nu. Bah-bye English.

Sitter på systerns iBook i hennes lägenhet i Kortedala, Göteborg. Jag vill ha en laptop, fortfarande.
Var på cabarens premiär för den här säsongen igår. Bra klass överlag, som vanligt, även om en del nerver gjorde sig påminda. Syrran var bäst som vanligt. Jo, rätt stolt är man allt.
Ska se om showen ikväll från barplats, gissar att det kommer vara bättre idag.

Det ska bli en jättetuff macrofotoblog av det här tror jag. Ska bara ta, eh, macrofoton.

torsdag 24 augusti 2006

A Day Complete

It started out as a really boring day (you know, boring stuff), but it ended way over expectations.

Me and cosis decided to have a bite to eat and go for a nightly walk. I suggested we take a cup of coffee at Studentkåren, as I did earlier this week. This time, despite the fact that we got very wet from all the rain falling on our heads, it was open!
In our excitement, we failed to order coffee and found ourselves seated with some beer in the pub getting acquainted with our surroundings. It makes me happy to see that there is some sort of activity at the University here, my general opinion so far has been that it is a quite bad place to perform ones studies. It feels good to be wrong.

One another topic, I'm thinking about starting to write these blog entries in Swedish. If I have any international readers who would object, please leave a comment ;)

onsdag 23 augusti 2006

Names and Words

I managed to remember that I should visit Birthday.se and check it out. This is something I've been thinking about since I heard about the site in July, but I tend to forget it as soon as I set myself infront of the computer. Anyway.
It's really good for people like me, who forget alot of things all the time but check my mail atleast 10 times every day.

[It would actually be much more interesting to only check the mail once a day, since then it's probably something in the box you actually want to read, instead of a few auto-sorted spam mails every second hour that you only get depressed of when receiving...]

After trying to figure out how to search for my friends with common names it struck me; Why do we have all these first names? Is it only to separate people from each other? I found out that many of my friends and relatives have really cool and or strange second and third first names, of which you never hear.
It would be excellent if we started to call eachother by our full names. Or at least use more than only the same names all the time. Guess I have to learn the true names of my friends. :)

And, on another topic, somewhat related, how do you motivate yourself to write alot of words? I sure don't know how to do it. There are no words about procedural techniques and b-spline fitting algorithms in me. My plan to finish my thesis report before September seems somewhat, err, far fetched...
I'm a really good forum poster though. Maybe I could get a job as a community manager somewhere.

måndag 21 augusti 2006

If I was a girl...

Had afternoon coffee with Poppe and Elisabeth at Stadsträdgården, despite all the wasps, it was really nice. After this very mellow session we went on and had a barbeque on their balcony. I'm still full. Ate too much, it was all too good. Thanks again for a great sunday dinner :)

I also learned that...

...I'd shag David Bowie.

Todays lesson of life.

söndag 20 augusti 2006

Effort != Reward

Me and cosis took a really long stroll (partly in rain) in search for coffee at Campus Örebro. We ended, ofcourse, up at mAx quite some time later, as no coffee were to be found at the campus when we arrived there around midnight.
It was a nice walk though, I really need to get out and move my limbs in repetitive motions some. One thing to add to a list
  • Running Shoes
Another list would look something like
  • Money
These lists live in a symbiotic relationship. One cannot exist without the other. Bummer.

In the meantime, I (try) practice playing guitar...

tisdag 8 augusti 2006

The Settler

Moved all my stuff to Örebro. Finishing my Master Thesis programming in my mom's dining room. Despite the temporary solution of residence, it feels really good to be back in Örebro.
Alot of my old friends still live here, the sun is shining and life is at the moment very decent indeed.
My biggest problem at the moment is really the lack of a good Internet connection here at home. ADSL has been ordered though, and if i'm in luck it might be installed in less than two weeks. The opposit; that I'm not in luck, would accorindg to http://www.tdc.se keep me waiting for faster Internet for up to another 4 weeks. Let's decide I'm in luck shall we.

Time to get back to C# and the joys of .NET development.