onsdag 23 augusti 2006

Names and Words

I managed to remember that I should visit Birthday.se and check it out. This is something I've been thinking about since I heard about the site in July, but I tend to forget it as soon as I set myself infront of the computer. Anyway.
It's really good for people like me, who forget alot of things all the time but check my mail atleast 10 times every day.

[It would actually be much more interesting to only check the mail once a day, since then it's probably something in the box you actually want to read, instead of a few auto-sorted spam mails every second hour that you only get depressed of when receiving...]

After trying to figure out how to search for my friends with common names it struck me; Why do we have all these first names? Is it only to separate people from each other? I found out that many of my friends and relatives have really cool and or strange second and third first names, of which you never hear.
It would be excellent if we started to call eachother by our full names. Or at least use more than only the same names all the time. Guess I have to learn the true names of my friends. :)

And, on another topic, somewhat related, how do you motivate yourself to write alot of words? I sure don't know how to do it. There are no words about procedural techniques and b-spline fitting algorithms in me. My plan to finish my thesis report before September seems somewhat, err, far fetched...
I'm a really good forum poster though. Maybe I could get a job as a community manager somewhere.

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Anonym sa...

kvantifiera! sätt mätbara mål.

varje dag ska jag skriva x sidor. om en vecka ska rapporten har nått y sidor.

sätter man x & y realistiska, så ser man sen till att hålla löftet man gett sig själv.