söndag 20 augusti 2006

Effort != Reward

Me and cosis took a really long stroll (partly in rain) in search for coffee at Campus Örebro. We ended, ofcourse, up at mAx quite some time later, as no coffee were to be found at the campus when we arrived there around midnight.
It was a nice walk though, I really need to get out and move my limbs in repetitive motions some. One thing to add to a list
  • Running Shoes
Another list would look something like
  • Money
These lists live in a symbiotic relationship. One cannot exist without the other. Bummer.

In the meantime, I (try) practice playing guitar...

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Anonym sa...

när man går på mAx, är det ett bra tillfälle att använda rikskuponger ifall man vill att de ska gå åt - istället för att häva upp kortet av gammal vana.